• Allegheny Riverfront Vision Plan
  • Green Boulevard Strategic Plan
  • Stip District Transportation & Land Use Plan
  • Liberty Ave. Road Safety Audit

There have been many studies conducted on or that incorporate the Strip District and Strip District Neighbors has commissioned several surveys of stakeholders all of which you will find here. The following is a complete list of studies and surveys that you’ll find links to below. As new studies and surveys are conducted we will post them here, or as we find access to older studies that may still have some relevance or offer historic perspective they’ll also be posted. Please note: some of these are not found on this site but are linked to websites beyond our control so if you find a broken link please let us know.


Allegheny Riverfront Vision Plan

Hundreds of community stakeholders from Downtown, the Strip District, Lawrenceville, Highland Park, and Morningside participated in a months long process to create the Allegheny Riverfront Vision Plan. This plan looks at future development along the Allegheny Riverfront with the aim of developing the area not only in a sustainable way but in a regenerative way making the area a world-class example of riverfront redevelopment.

Many pieces of the plan are already under redevelopment, especially in the Strip District where The Buncher Company and Oxford Development both have very large projects along the Allegheny river. The full study and supporting documents can be found on the City of Pittsburgh’s website here. Below is a direct link to the study.
Allegheny Riverfront Vision Plan

Green Boulevard Strategic Plan

The Green Boulevard Strategic Plan is tied to the Allegheny Riverfront Vision Plan and touches the same neighborhoods of Downtown, the Strip District, Lawrenceville, Highland Park, and Morningside. It is a multimodal plan that stretches along the Allegheny River running through those neighborhoods with the goal of linking those neighborhoods and providing access and public amenities (trails, parklets, engagement areas, river access, and more).

Current development is incorporating recommendations and the Strip District is proud to have great community partners such as RiverLife, The Buncher Company, and Oxford Development working together to make access to the river and non-vehicular access along the river through the Strip a reality. In Spring/Summer of 2015 Sustainable Design Academy selected the section of riverfront park that touches these two large developments as a project. The results of that process will be shared as it becomes available to us.

The Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh houses the Green Boulevard Strategic Plan on their website here under strategic plans. Below you can find a direct link to a PDF of the plan along with supporting documents that pertain to the Strip District.
Green Boulevard Strategic Plan
ARGB Outreach
Multimodal Corridor Study
Open Space and Riverfront Access
Stormwater Network Report

Strip District Transportation & Land Use Plan

The Strip District Transportation & Land Use Plan was a project of the City of Pittsburgh that utilized a charrette format to gather a great deal of public input on how to reshape Strip District transportation and land use. The Strip District’s history as a rail hub with rail lines that were converted into neighborhood streets creates major challenges to land use and access. Some streets are too narrow, some are way too large. The Strip District Transportation and Land Use Plan looked at ways to move people and goods, into, out-of, and through the Strip District in the best possible way.

The plan is available via Dropbox:
Strip District Transportation & Land Use Plan

Liberty Ave. Road Safety Audit

In 2010 PennDOT conducted the Liberty Ave. Road Safety Audit on behalf of the city. Liberty Ave (from Herron Ave. to 12th Street) was identified as the 5th worst stretch of roadway in a 10 county region. There were 3 fatalities including 2 pedestrian deaths and 16 crashes resulting in serious injury. The road itself belongs to the City of Pittsburgh so this audit was conducted for the City by PennDOT because of the dangerousness of the roadway but PennDOT has no ability to make the improvements recommended within.

Strip District Neighbors fully supports implementing as many of these recommendations as possible and has encouraged the city to seek funding to help get the most pressing issues accomplished.

The Audit is available via Dropbox:
Liberty Ave. Road Safety Audit

Effect of Street Closures on Penn Ave Businesses

Strip District Neighbors has heard from our members and other stakeholders about the negative effect of street closures on Penn Ave. businesses. As of the summer of 2015 there were nearly a dozen avoidable street closures, that is closures that were done for events, not for repairs or construction. These closures can impact businesses by up to 70%. Some of these closures can easily be addressed such as the parades that used to be staged on Center Ave. which have been staged on Liberty Ave. for the past several years.

Strip District Neighbors has asked the city to move these parades which would eliminate nearly half of the disruptions. To help us demonstrate to the city the severity of these closures we’ve asked Penn Ave. businesses to complete a survey on the impact of these closures. The survey data is currently being processed and when the results are available they will be shared here.