The Strip District has many great parking facilities including garages and surface lots. Parking facilities can be found through the lower and mid Strip District and as development moves further up along the Allegheny River we anticipate more parking facilities in the future. Below is a map of parking lots and garages in the Strip.

Parking rates in the Strip are inline with those throughout the city and compared with other similarly sized cities they are very reasonable. Metered parking currently costs $1.50/hour. Space in some garages and lots are even less expensive and a few lots allow all day parking at a flat rate of as little as $5.00. Most garages and lots have automated checkout so they accept credit cards as do the parking meters.


On street parking in the heart of the Historic Strip Business District is almost all metered and the current rate is $1.50 per hour. Parking meters are all digital and accept either credit/debit cards or quarters. Time can be purchased at any meter in the district, you don’t need to use the one closest to your car but you do need to enter your license plate correctly so as to not be ticketed. Additional time can be added at any meter within the Strip District (it doesn’t need to be the one you first paid at). There are no meters above 23rd Street at this time but the parking limit in the area is two hours.


There are garages and parking lots throughout the Strip District. Below is a map of parking facilities. We’ve attempted to only list public parking garages and parking lots but there may be lease only or other private lots listed below and any lot is subject to being leases only if it is too full. If you find an error on this map please report it to us.