Strip District Pittsburgh Mural

Strip District Neighbors was formed to promote economic development and a high quality of life for residents, business owners, and visitors to the Strip. We love the unique flavors of our neighborhood, and our Board is always evolving to reflect the interests of businesses, property owners, residents, and governmental organizations. Please join us in welcoming our new Directors and Advisors! (New members are listed in bold below.)

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2018-19 Board of Directors

Matt Napper, President
Pamela Austin, Vice President
Candi Cybator, Secretary
Brooke Murphy, Treasurer

Alyssa Falarski
Chip Desmone
Chris Watts
Derek Eichler
Jackie Capretto
Jenna DiFrancesco

Jennifer Yates
Kate Tunney
Larry Walsh
Mark Meyer
Megan Stearman
Michael Kutzer
Mike Mitcham
Rob Indovina
Robb Wilson
Sam Wholey

Tim Gaber

2018-19 Advisors

Alisa Faulk
Anna Jasim
Ashley Horton
Cory Bonnet
Dave Caligiuri
Dave Regan
Dean DeCrease
Diana Cannon

Janet McCall
Joe Laskowski
John Krofchek
John Zerrer
Justin Davis
Kristen Voegele
Larry Simms

Rennick Remley
Sandy Hanberry
Tiffany Haile